Just a few descriptions of successful  writing projects I’ve been part of.  I’ll be adding more examples to this page as the client feedback becomes available.


An email marketing project

Down below are some screenshots from a “warm” email campaign that was designed to generate additional clients for my own freelance writing business. The emails were sent to web designers worldwide.

The first segment of the campaign generated a 69% open rate and a 19% click-through rate. According to research conducted by MailChimp, average open rates are a bit less than 23% and click-through rates average between 2.5 and 3%.

(Note: The green entries in the “Merge Status” column were automatically produced by an add-on for Google Docs —it’s able to monitor individual open and click-through rates.)

Screen Shot 1

copywriting for business

Inbound marketing + website rewrites

copywriting for the web

copywriting for the web