Do you ever get so crazy busy you just want to put your fingers in your ears and make humming noises?  Do you find that writing projects — especially marketing-related ones — are a bit of a chore?

I can help.

I’m an independent pro writer who’ll take the stress out of your writing to-do list and let you focus on your highest value activities. Lately I’ve been generating projects that involve marketing and journalism, but my portfolio includes other writing samples too, because — well, I guess I’m still enthusiastic about the work and just want to share it… and I believe that a writer can be competent in many different forms of communication.

I’ve done writing for Microsoft, PBS, and bunches of smaller companies, and I can provide the things you need: high-caliber content, engaged readers, and a little more space on your social calendar.

I’d be flattered if you bookmarked me, but even if you don’t, take a minute and check out my portfolio.

When that big day (for me) comes and you’re ready to make your business more visible, click here to send me an e-mail, or call/text (831) 713-9962.

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