I’m a location-independent writer who can supply marketing copy that’ll make your CFO smile more than she has in weeks.

“Location-independent” means that I can work with clients internationally via phone, text, Skype, or email. (I’m sort of like your electric company. It doesn’t really matter where the power is generated — you just want your lights to work.)

Writing feels pretty natural to me. It may have started when I was a kid… for some reason I liked to read the copy on cereal boxes, and (believe it or not) I actually paid attention to the teacher when she talked about grammar… it just seemed interesting to me.

For awhile I shifted gears and pursued another passion: professional photography. Love that visual stuff. But from this point on I’m focusing exclusively on freelance writing. It just feels right… it’s where I belong.

I’ve included a few “legacy samples” on this site because I’m proud of them and I’m betting you’ll understand that writing doesn’t necessarily have to be brand new to be compelling. Besides, the writing I create for you will be brand new.


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